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Lost Boy Records LLC

A Lost Boy Holdings Company

An independent record label founded on a dream, and built to inspire those around us.

At the Studio

 Our Story 
The Lost Boys

Originally from Wisconsin, our team of founders built the foundations of our company in an almost industry-less environment, faced with the challenges of creating a hip hop centered movement in a "fly-over" state.


Originally starting out as independent musicians, our biggest passion has always been music. Through networking and building important relationships we've been able to establish the Lost Boy brand as a staple across the industry.

Our work in the marketing and publications field (Lost Boy Entertainment LLC) has allowed us to work on some of the biggest projects around the industry, partnering with some of the most important movers and shakers in our time.

Our wide reach across multiple industries has allowed us take a unique approach to the music industry, utilizing our fully in-house investment, marketing, and branding services to build artist's careers.

Our unique story, structure, and approach makes us unlike any other distribution company and with an already established brand, we are poised to continue to make an impact across the entertainment industry.

Our Clients & Partners

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